Claimer's new referral program means you can get your R&D claim done entirely for free - or at the very least for a massive discount.

Claimer already gets your R&D claim done in record time for the lowest fee anywhere: small claims take just 20 minutes, and our fee is just 5% of the money you get back - saving £thousands compared to other specialist firms.

But how do you get your claim done for free? Easy! Let me introduce Claimer's referral program: you get a 33% discount on your claim fee for every successful invitation.

How to get a free claim:

  1. If you haven't already, sign up to Claimer. It takes seconds.
  2. Head to your Invitation Dashboard (click 'invitations' in your user drop-down menu)
  3. Copy your personalised invite link and share it on your social media, or send it to specific people using the email invite took on invitations dashboard page.
  4. For every company that signs up and completes a claim, you get 33% off the fee of your next claim - so 3 successful invitations means your claim is entirely free!

You can keep track of your invitations and the discounts you've earned on your Invitation Dashboard. Also note there's no limit to the number of companies you can invite, so there's also no limit to the number of free or discounted claims you can get.

We think getting your company's yearly R&D claim done is currently too time consuming, expensive, and slow - Claimer wants to change this, and I hope your company can be part of the revolution!

For any questions or feedback, hit the live chat bubble on the bottom right, or drop us an email at [email protected].