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Frequently asked questions

What are Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credits?

R&D Tax Credits are a tax relief incentive from the UK government to encourage companies to invest in Research & Development (R&D). Successful claims reduce your tax bill or pay you cash as a proportion of your R&D expenditure.

What qualifies as R&D?

If your company has worked on a project that includes in-house development (in software or hardware for instance) rather than buying off-the-shelf in the past 2 years, it's quite likely you have had to conduct some R&D.

Use our quick eligibility checker, or simply have a chat with us to find out if you qualify.

How much can I get back?

If your company is making a taxable loss, HMRC pays up to £33.33 for every £100 you spend on R&D claims. If your company is making taxable profits, HMRC gives you up to £43.70 off your corporation tax bill for every £100 spent on R&D - of which £24.70 of the deduction in your tax bill is from R&D relief. The average claim for SMEs nationally is £53,876.

How do I make a claim?

A claim involves putting a report together explaining the qualifying R&D alongside figures showing a breakdown of expenditure, and then submitting this to HMRC with your tax return.

The project must qualify, and the costs must be within HMRC rules - HMRC has pages of documentation on their website.

Claimer makes the whole process quick and easy, for the lowest fee in the market.

How can Claimer help me with my claim?

Claimer will help you get your R&D claim done quickly and efficiently, by using an app with a streamlined process. The app asks you for specific information, guiding you the whole way, and our experts are always available on live chat to help you.

You can connect your accounting software to make the process even faster.

Claimer has a 100% success rate with no follow up enquiries from HMRC, and has saved businesses tens of thousands of pounds in fees compared to specialist agencies and accountants.

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About Claimer

Many companies currently use specialist R&D Tax credit agencies to help them complete their claim. These agencies cost businesses a huge sum - often 30% of the claim's value.

Claimer aims to disrupt this gravy train, shifting the balance of power to the businesses. With Claimer, you can complete an R&D tax credit claim with no accounting or tax knowledge, for a fraction of the cost.

With a steamlined step-by-step process, and by integrating with accounting software, Claimer is also the fastest and most accurate way to build a claim.